Ep.8: A Big Piece of Garbage (Notes)

  • Hubert Farnsworth: the oldest living member of the Academy of Inventors; built the “death clock”, which is able to pinpoint when a person will die simply by the individual placing their finger within the machine. This machine raises a significant existential question, but I will, for now, leave that question aside since I feel it will take some research before I can properly articulate it.
  • Dialectical Cycle: garbage ball which threatens the year 3000 was made in the year 2000 and by peoples’ laziness; however, it is this same ‘lazy spirit’, as embodied by Fry, which enables another garbage ball to be made to save the city. And yet, once more, this laziness will, in another thousand years, likely condemn the city once more. Perhaps this can be seen as a capitalist crisis microcosm analogy?
  • The New New York City government, evidently, has mob connections; a satire on classic hyperbole. Though, it also raises the question on why a rocket wasn’t simply bought… because it was deemed to dangerous to launch garbage into space and so the government secretly did away with the garbage without popular consent?

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