Ep. 12: When Aliens Attack (Notes)

  • First episode which features the Omicronians; they attack on Labor Day. Also, incidentally, when Fry and company save the planet. Working class for the win!
  • Hermes derides Labor Day as a “phony blaony holiday shoved down our throat by union gangsters”, but then literally jumps for joy at having the day off. The understanding being that he was working unpaid until he realized it was a day off; shows a limited class consciousness but an understanding that labor reforms, however limited, are a positive.
  • Fry saves the earth with his knowledge of television; indicative of the value of all knowledge. Goes against postmodernist fragmentation of “multiple” knowledges, though everyone except Fry seems to embody this postmodern attitude with their division of knowledge into “worthwhile” and “worthless”. Meta moment: Fry himself is part of a television show.
  • In the 2600s, New Yorkers elected a super-villain for gov. who stole most of the world’s monuments. A slapstick roasting of New York elitism and American entitlement.
  • Earth History: during a previous alien invasion, which transpired in the professor’s lifetime, the invaders forced the smartest earthlings to mate continuously. Raises a question about the imperial status of Earth and how vulnerable it is to attack.
  • Zap conquest: “Fresh from his bloody triumph over the pacifists of the Gandhi nebula,”; Zap is truly the hero late capitalism needs: “You’re a brace robot, son, but when I’m in charge, every mission is a suicide mission!”
  • In the year 3000, the Hubble telescope, in apparent surprise to Zap, has been militarized in Omicronian fashion. Why? Furthermore, it attacked humans on sight; is it a anti-human A.I?
  • Military coup: Zapp kidnaps president MacNeal and delivers him right into the Omicronian leaders hands which kill him.
  • Omicronians have the recipe for immortality. This explains why part of the life-cycle for males is to kill their fathers and for females to eat their mothers; may also explain why humans never seem to age in the Futurama universe; perhaps they got or stole the recipe somehow?

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