Ep.14: I Second that Emotion (Notes)

  • Bender to can opener: “You killed my father and now you’ve come back for me!” Who was bender’s father but more importantly, how is it that the can opener at Planet Express could have killed him? Is Bender speaking in the royal sense?
  • Virtual Clinic: small humans exist as pets for alien cat people. Also, virtual pets get de-bugged for free. As hyper-capitalistic that these places are, I am surprised anything exist for free in this future.
  • Nibbler’s supposed age can be found on rings in his tooth; since his species lives for thousands of years, then if these rings are a truthful recollection of his age, then one ring must stand for either several hundred years or a thousand. If so, then Nibbler is at least 2500 years old.
  • New Birthday Song: “What day is today, it’s [name of person] birthday; what a day for a birthday, let’s all have some cake”. obviously written so that the studio wouldn’t have to pony up the cash for the rights to the normal b-day song, the lyrics in this knock-off song, like much in the year 3000, hint at a future wholly concerned with the material, the “let’s all have some cake” grabbing the attention after a superficial celebration of the aging person.
  • Bender doesn’t know what humans use toilets for but he still retains enough residual human masculinity to make jokes about lifting the toilet seat up. A satire on the irrational nature of petty gender conflicts.
  • Fry’s Emotion: “I’m worried I’m not as smart as Lela but I’m relieved that I’m cuter than her”. Was Any’s emotion, supposedly, but Fry still thanks Amy for “covering” him. A jab at fragile masculinity.
  • The Empathy Chip: synchronizes with Bender forcing him to feel Lela’s emotions. Technologically, this is interesting because human emotions are transmitted real-time to Bender and then, somehow, artificially replicated. The chip in itself, though, is also fascinating as a development capable of teaching men infected with toxic masculinity how to be more emotionally intelligent; as such, it as intriguing pedagogical qualities.
  • Bender Experiencing Jealousy: (shouts at Fry) “You think you’re so hot; the only reason you get all the guys is because you dress like a Tramp!” To which Fry responds, “They’re just responding to my personality!” So, Fry, evidently, has guys come on to him on a regular basis; is this connected to that time in a later episode where he quickly mentions having once seen a genius’s wiener in a park? Or, during that time in the car dealership where worriedly shouts at the dealer “I just don’t know how to make them stop!” when the dealer says, “And I think it’s great that you don’t care whether anyone questions your sexual orientation.” Fry, in short, has some interesting relations with men.
  • Sewer manhole cover has an image of “the PJs” on it; a shared universe? In the audio commentary, this is more or less confirmed by the developers.
  • “Mutants? Perhaps it is you who are the mutants?!” This is in reference to the works of a specific author or text but I do not know the exact reference. Can anyone help?
  • Mutant Library: crumpled porno and Ayn Rand; the intellectual mutations reflect the physical mutations; are the mutants objectivists?
  • Mutants worship and unexploded nuclear bomb– how did it get down there? In any case, the mutants are not very religious, as the lead mutant– Linda?– says, “Yeah, but nobody’s that observant. It’s mainly an Easter and Christmas thing”.
  • El Chupanibre: loves fresh crocodile. Also, the name is Spanish for “the sucker”. Why such a name? What does he suck? In a later episode, we see a creature who sucks bones, is this creature a distant cousin of El Chupanibre?
  • Zapp Brannigan has a webpage where, evidently, he has sexual explicit images or videos of Leela. This would be another reason why Leela is justified in hating Zapp. But, people in the future seem to like personal web-pages as we know from later on that Leela has a web-page as well.
  • In the sewer, the mutants can tell the passage of time by the amount of sewage flushed into the sewer; “the tide is coming in”.
  • Leela rescues Nibbler only by embracing a consumerist mindset. Love has literally been commoditized.
  • In the sewer, there is a sub-sewer which, supposedly, has a race of sub-mutants; an inversion of the idea of the surface-dwellers possibly being below and even greater civilization.

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