Ep.22: A Bicyclops Built for Two (Notes)

  • Bender has no problem disguising himself as a “Naughty Nurse for $9.95 per minute” while online. Signifiers that Bender lacks a codified gender identity.
  • While online, the virtual body melds with emojis to create a single cybernetic form.
  • We learn that the Space Pope is reptilian. Take that as you will.
  • The people of Cineplex-14 evidently survive on popcorn.
  • Alcazar concocts an elaborate story about a long forgotten civilization on the planet which is supposedly Cyclopia. As Alcazar later is revealed to be a conman, nothing of his story can be taken at face value (though, it is amusing that he says that Leela could have either been a “Temple Priestess or a supermodel”, signaling that the society he is creating is deeply anachronistic to our own understanding of socio-history). However, the idea behind his farce illuminates the fickle nature of history and how it can be rewritten at a whim. Ultimately, though, Al does claim that the five castles are his and so it raises the question of the nature of the planet: are the ruins authentic or something he bought and paid for to deceive women?
  • Alcazar sleeps with Leela by deceiving and guilt tripping her on her alleged history, a form of sexual assault; additionally, he lets Pig watch his sexual exploits for a small fee which is also illegal to do in the present day without their consent. For a time, it appears obvious to everyone but Leela that Alcazar is toxic, as evidenced by Bender commenting on how Al is “some lowlife jerk). Though, Leela does later admit how awful Al is and that she wants to get out of the relationship; by in all, Leela and Al’s relationship mimics that of a sitcom.
  • Fry slaps Bender when he says that “for the first time in my life, I feel I’ve stolen enough” and it reconfigures his software (evidently). This is the second time that Fry’s influence has driven Bender to a criminal life.
  • Leela, because of her decision to dump the popcorn shipment, will be working for the Professor for “many decades”. A form of indentured servitude?

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