Ep.26: Bender Gets Made (Notes)

  • Taco Bellevue Hospital: a riff on the restaurant Taco Bell, one wonders when fast food places got into the medical game and why; was the doglike alien specifically bred for use as a doctor?
  • Zoidberg admits that he doesn’t have a real diploma when berating the young, human doctor. As an odd fact, the doctor so happens to keep on his personage mood elevators; since his own persona seems mellow, does this mean he is an addict? Is this a commentary on the stressful nature of medicine?
  • When at Elzar’s for his apology dinner, Zoidberg eats a “king crab” but he himself is a crab; is this considered cannibalism or is this the same manner in which a human might eat a monkey under certain conditions? Meaning, there is an obvious divergence in the species?
  • Fry picks his nose and is beaten by the police. Later, the human police officer remarks that he became a cop after enough customers “dined and dashed” at his father’s restaurant. A pretty pathetic reason to protect the ruling class.
  • The professor’s favorite artist is Picasso: an outer sign of the inner madness?
  • The Robot Mafia, which apparently exists, eats at the thinly coded Italian restaurant. Stereotypes for the win! Later, Bender visits “Little Bitaly”, is this a robot country or planet?
  • Bender’s mom used to tell him to watch out for the cops; considering that she was a mechanical arm, how could this be?
  • Tiny Tim is programmed to only sell Oilade and write in backward letters (presumably to sell more oilade). If we take my assumptions about robots in the hypothesized Third Industrial Revolution, then this actually makes sense as part of a “Robot Capitalism”; adult robots become nostalgic about life before they installed puberty and buy oilade, which is, presumably, a kind of luxury fuel.
  • The Don Bot shows mercy by shooting robots up; raises a question about what can kill a robot. My guess is as long as their head is not completely destroyed they can survive pretty much anything.
  • Bender’s street name: “Blotto”.
  • Don Bot: “Since we will be committing crimes which may be against the law, I suggest you have an alibi”. Is this just a fun linguistic slip or in the year 3000 is there “legal crimes”?
  • Zoidberg discrimination: when the PE roof is destroyed by Leela’s reckless driving, Hermes says that the repair is coming out of his pay. Why other than to demonstrate his inferiority as an Earthling?
  • Zuban Cigars, clearly stand-ins for Cuban cigars, are known to be the “finest cigars in the universe”. Does this mean that in the Futurama universe there is a planet/territory called Zuban which is under revolutionary leadership?
  • During the space conflict with the Robot Mafia ship, Fry remarks that he forgot to buy flight insurance; does this mean that his job as the delivery boy also covers buying flight insurance? Why?

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