Ep.29: Anthology of Interest I (Notes)

  • Being an anthology episode of various scenarios, this episode does not hold water in terms of canonical situations. However, since the premise of the “What If” machine posits what would logical happen based on the question, we can assume that the results are plausible for the Futurama universe. So, for this episode, then, I will be recounting those character and world oriented transactions which hint at the deeper underlying realities for the franchise.
  • This episode in the fan community is notable since it is the location when certain people have posited a conspiracy theory (of sorts). They assert that everything either post-episode or everything in general which happens in the show is merely a hypothesis of the “What if” machine. While I think it is doubtful that this is the case, it is worth mentioning; besides, if this was true, then this would take care of the numerous fantastical elements.
  • In New New York’s grand central park, “reasonable loitering” is permitted.
  • Chase Manhatten Bank denied Zoidberg a credit card application. The Apollo Theater also booed him off-stage on open mic night; meaning, Zoidberg is a bad comedian.
  • If Leela was more impulsive she would go on a murder spree; evidently, she has the seething appetite of a murderer which is barely kept in check on her lack of impulse. She is sociopathic, then; this is logical since in later episodes we see Leela doing well in business which is another field sociopathic people often go into. Additionally, it makes further sense since throughout the series she does have a general interpersonal disdain. New theory, folks!
  • If Leela was more impulsive she would have been the professor’s heir instead of Qbert.
  • Zoidberg has mail order degrees in “Murderology” and “Murderonomy”.
  • The Professor, as revealed by his legal documents, appears to be a public nudist aficionado since he has multiple citations for public nudity. This is in line with his character who was seen in the Xmas episode as being nude and proud of it, though it conflicts with the future’s supposed relaxed standards.
  • Impulsive Leela has spontaneous sex with Fry; we see this in later episodes which, perhaps, suggests she is becoming more impulsive.
  • If Fry never came to the future, then the universe would have ended. This is in line canonically as we know later on that he was in fact greatly depended upon. Whether what is shown in the episode, though, is a break in the canon or how the Brain Spawn would have destroyed the universe, is unknown.
  • In Fry’s time, evidently, there existed a team led by Ale Gore (the “Vice-Presidential Action Rangers”) whose job it was to protect the space-time continuum. These included: Stephen Hawking, Nichelle Nichols, Gay Gygax, and Deep Blue (a giant chess computer looking eerily like HAL from 2001). According to Nichelle, however, the Rangers are only good at murder.

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