The Heat (2013)

Director Paul Feig of Bridesmaid fame returns with The Heat, a hilarious, potty-mouthed buddy cop flick starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. Like all films worshiping the Pigs, the idea behind the film is to rehabilitate policing, reinforcing its societal role, hence why– once more– the antagonist is yet another bland drug lord. Are there twists and turns? Yeah. But I won’t focus on those turns anymore than the class angle which, at this point, is rather bland; rather, I do want to briefly call attention to the way in which Bullock’s character satirizes the notion of an FBI special agent: arrogant and uptight, she assumes when in reality protocol still reigns supreme. Her thread brings some originality to the script which is otherwise trite, laden with profanities (sure, McCarthy’s character has a  vulgar charm but it is played out at this point in the genre). Though such a satire doesn’t redeem the overarching class narrative, it does allow some artistic ingenuity to shine and comment that the director is aware of the crass nature of certain agents. This brings the archetypes down from an otherwise lofty high perpetuated by criminal detective shows. It is refreshing but only just. With solid acting, clever writing, and some well-worked cliches and plot devices, The Heat won’t impress but it is a well-written, humorous film easily capable of taking the edge off of a rough day if you ignore select elements.


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