Ep.36: The Luck of the Fryfish (Notes)

  • Certain racehorses in the future have the logos of their sponsors displayed on them.
  • Horses have become a delicacy in the future complete with horse-fed-horses for that soylent-green quality which the show repeatedly emphasizes in both animals as well as people (“Soylent Cola” comes to mind from the Slurm episode). Even extends to horses being put in soda and condoms.
  • Hair robots exist in the future which will deliver new hair at a blip from a pager.
  • A sewer grate has an image from the show “The PJs” on it while in the commentary to this episode it is confirmed by the show’s creators that the universe is strongly implied to be shared.
  • Bender’s ful name: “Bender Bending Rodregez”.
  • Randy, someone Fry knew in the 21st century, still exists as an aside on a mutant and evidently was an alcoholic. It is amazing how people Fry knew from the past has this tendency to re-appear in Fry’s life. Randy (friend), Michelle (ex-girlfriend), the Professor (distant relative).
  • Orbiting Meadows Cemetary: it makes sense that there would be cemeteries in space since I am sure territory on earth is limited. The question, though, is whether such cemeteries are reserved only for the wealthy and elite. We do not see any other such places in the series so it is logical that working class people are excluded.
  • Fry’s family is prestigious. Fry’s nephew, for instance, was a successful renaissance man of many professions. The professor, meanwhile, is a brilliant inventor. In later episodes, the professor remarks how famous the family is as Fry’s part of the family is distant.

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