Ep.46: Time Keeps on Slipping (Notes)

  • Chronotrons: to win a basketball game, the professor embarks on an absurd mission to breed super-mutants; to do so, he needs that rare material called chronotrons which, according to Bender, once destroyed an entire civilization.
  • Time skipping and existentialism: we see how in isolated spots, entire lives are skipped forward. Wendy, a popular teen singer, goes through her whole career in the blink of an eye, while at another time, a couple of kids leap from pre-teens to old men. We learn that people act normally during these time leaps but they are not aware of the time. These time skips are not reversed. So, before the PE crew was able to fix the skipping, an untold number of people lived their lives without knowing it and died prematurely. All just to stand a chance in an athletic event. How would an event like this alter the economy, history, and family dynamics? One simply has to imagine the sort of damage that this must have caused to the whole world, especially when one factors in the military and diplomatic angle. Is there any moments later in the series where this episode’s plot could potentially be referenced by way of plausibility?
  • Fry wins Leela’s love with a big love gesture which suggests that Leela does love Fry for who he is and not merely because he gains more maturity, as is suggested later in the series.

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