Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Micro-Review)

For a radical Leftist, I actually enjoyed Captain America: The Propaganda Soldier.  I mean… winter soldier.

The story isn’t something I will spend much time on. The crux of the matter revolves around Hydra coming to light as a force inside Shield; found from “ex-nazis”, Hydra intends on killing mass amounts of people in order to control the world. Or something. In any case, they have a super-soldier called “Winter” which was an old buddy of the protagonist from back in the day. The point is that it turns out that recruiting Nazis rots your establishment and encourages megalomaniacal organizations. Go figure.

Why, I guess, had to do with the idea of imperial establishments being riddled with fascists, the premise of patriotism coming back to bite you in the booty. It was essentially a film which encapsulated a liberalism long since dead; this idea that not everything the anti-terror Americana squad does is good and that maybe, just maybe having Nazis work for you is not the best example of the end justifying the means.

Another cool aspect of the film was how easily Hydra took down Shield; the efficiency of their operation and the damage that they could inflict. Narrative wise, anytime a new and powerful foe comes along and shows the allegedly powerful upstarts how real power looks and how fragile their house of cards actually is, is a story I enjoy watching (this is why I so enjoyed Age of Ultron).

Everything else about the film was well-done, but that is not surprising for a Marvel film.

Honestly, I went into the film believing I would have nothing more than [angry rant matter] on my plate but what I found was closer to an actual edible meal. Amazing!

Acting, score, direction, cinematography, writing… all fine. All a great way to wash the taste of a DC film out of your mouth. Really, though, I don’t have much more to say than that which I guess can be counted against the film: that, at the end of the day, it is just another modern WW2 film about kicking Nazi ass. Nice but not much depth.


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