Futurama 5000

“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”

“The history of all previous societies has been the history of class struggles.”

— Karl Marx —

Both of these quotes define what Futurama, to me, means.

The universe of Futurama finds itself within a post-fascist conjecture, a world where nothing is taken seriously despite the horrors which permeate everyday life. It is a world where giant slugs produce soda and the Second Coming of Jesus is a thing which happened and was forgotten about; it is, in other words, a place where petty tyrants from history– Nixon– may once again reign supreme with the same weapons they used during their first tragic rule– war. But, it is also a place where a pizza delivery boy can be his own father– Freud be damned!

Statements like the above will be just a taste of the project I wish to explore. So, that being said, welcome, to Futurama 5000! [Working title]

I’ve been a Futurama fan since adolescence. It was the show which captured my imagination and astounded me with its weird, macabre, yet funny asides; it was a smart humor which did not rely on abstract silliness (Family Guy) or over-the-top crudeness (South Park). It was oddly relatable yet always far away, if only just.

This distance yet closeness followed me into adulthood. Now, as an Undergraduate nearly done with his degree and looking for a fun side-project while laboring in the final stretches before grad school, I have decided to take the plunge and do what I always wanted to do– write a book on one of my favorite animated shows from the past.

This project’s completion will be piecemeal. I estimate that it will take a couple of years to get a rough draft produced. Rough draft of what? Good question– a book!

Futurama 5000 is a radical materialist deconstruction of the Futurama franchise.

Utilizing the theories of revolutionary thinkers, I aim to write a book which will interrogate, lay bare, and otherwise deconstruct this fantastical world of the future. Though not a deeply philosophical work, this will be a long-lasting project and something which I will be putting a lot of heart into; so, join me on this journey, subscribe, and let’s see what we can find probing the depths of Fry’s new home.

‘Good News!’ (Content)

(So far, there is not much here, but give it time, and soon, there will be plenty!)

Character Bios


Episode Notes

Season 1

(101) Ep.1: Space Pilot 3000

(102) Ep.2: The Series Has Landed

(103) Ep.3: I, Roommate

(104) Ep.4: Love’s Labours Lost in Space

(105) Ep.5: Fear of a Bot Planet

(106) Ep.6: A Fishful of Dollars

(107) Ep. 7: My Three Suns

(108) Ep.8: A Big Piece of Garbage

(109) Ep.9: Hell is Other Robots

(110) Ep.10: A Flight to Remember

(111) Ep.11: Mars University

(112) Ep.12: When Aliens Attack

(113) Ep.13: Fry and the Slurm Factory

Season 2

(201) Ep.14: I Second that Emotion

(202) Ep.15: Brannigan, Begin Again

(203) Ep.16: A Head in the Polls

(204) Ep.17: Xmas Story

(205) Ep.18: Why Must I Be a Crustacean in Love?

(206) Ep.19: The Lesser of Two Evils

(207) Ep.20: Put Your Head on My Shoulders

(208) Ep.21: Raging Bender

(209) Ep.22: A Bicyclops Built for Two

(210) Ep.23: A Clone of My Own

(211) Ep.24: How Hermes Requisitioned his Groove Back

(212) Ep.25: The Deep South

(213) Ep.26: Bender Gets Made

(214) Ep.27: Mother’s Day

(215) Ep.28: The Problem with Popplers

(216) Ep.29: Anthology of Interest I

(217) Ep.30: War is the H-Word

(218) Ep.31: The Honking

(219) Ep.32: The Cryonic Woman

Season 3

(301) Ep.33: Amazon Women in the Mood

(302) Ep.34: Parasites Lost

(303) Ep.35: A Tale of Two Santas

(304) Ep.36: The Luck of the Fryfish

(305) Ep.37: The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz

(306) Ep.38: Bendless Love

(307) Ep.39: The Day the Earth Stood Stupid

(308) Ep.40: That’s Lobstertainment!

(309) Ep.41: The Cyber House Rules

(310) Ep.42: Where the Buggalo Roam

(311) Ep.43: Insane in the Mainframe

(312) Ep.44: The Route of All Evil

(313) Ep.45: Bendin’ in the Wind

(314) Ep.46: Time Keeps on Slipping

(315) Ep.47: I Dated a Robot

(316) Ep.48: A Leela of Her Own

(317) Ep.49: A Pharaoh to Remember

(318) Ep.50: Anthology of Interest 2

(319) Ep.51: Roswell that Ends Well

(320) Ep.52: Godfellas

(321) Ep.53: Future Stock

(322) Ep.54: The 30% Iron Chef

Season 4

(401) Ep. 55: Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch

(402) Ep.56: Leela’s Homeworld

(403) Ep.57: Love and Rocket

(404) Ep.58: Less Than Hero

(405) Ep.59: A Taste of Freedom

(406) Ep.60: Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV

(407) Ep.61: Jurassic Bark

(408) Ep.62: Crimes of the Hot

(409) Ep.63: Teenage Mutant Leela’s Hurdles

(410) Ep.64: The Why of Fry

(411) Ep.65: Where No Fan Has Gone Before

(412) Ep.66: The Sting

(413) Ep.67: Bend Her

(414) Ep.68: Obsoletely Fabulous 

(415) Ep.69: The Farnsworth Parabox

(416) Ep.70: Three Hundred Big Boys

(417) Ep.71: Spanish Fry

(418) Ep.72: The Devil’s Hands are Idle Playthings

Feature Films

(1) Bender’s Big Score

(2) The Beast with a Billion Backs

      (Bonus: Futurama: The Lost Adventure)

(3) Bender’s Game

Season 5

(501) Ep.73: Rebirth

(502) Ep.74: In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela

(503) Ep.75: Attack of the Killer App

(504) Ep.76: Proposition Infinity

(505) Ep.77: The Duh-Vinci Code

(506) Ep.78: Lethal Inspection

(507) Ep.79: The Late Philip J. Fry

(508) Ep.80: That Darn Katz!

(509) Ep.81: A Clockwork Origin

(510) Ep.82: The Prisoner of Benda

(511) Ep.83: Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences

(512) Ep.84: The Mutants are Revolting

(513) Ep.85: The Futurama Holiday Spectacular

Season 6

(601) Ep. 86: The Silence of the Clamps

(602) Ep. 87: Mobius Dick

(603) Ep.88: Law and Oracle

(604) Ep.89: Benderama

(605) Ep.90: Ghost in the Machines

(606) Ep.91: Neutopia

(607) Ep.92: Yo Leela Yeela

(608) Ep.93: Fry am the Eggman

(609) Ep.94: All the Presidents Heads’

(610) Ep.95: Cold Warriors

(611) Ep.96: Overclockwise

(612) Ep.97: Reincarnation

Season 7

(701) Ep.98: The Bots and the Bees

(702) Ep.99: A Farewell to Arms

(703) Ep.100: Decision 3012

(704) Ep.101: The Thief of Baghead

(705) Ep.102: Zapp Dingbat

(706) Ep.103: The Butterjunk Effect

(707) Ep.104: The Six Million Dollar Mon

(708) Ep.105: Fun on a Bun

(709) Ep.106: Free Will Hunting

(710) Ep.107: Near-Death Wish

(711) Ep.108: 31st Century Fox

(712) Ep.109: Viva Mars Vegas

(713) Ep.110: Naturama

Season 8

Extrapolations: Musings, Thoughts, Half-baked Ideas

Project Update #1

Dialogues with Fellow Fans

Bender and Beer: responding to Jon Solo



Reviewing the Futurama Culture Industry